Region Free DVD on Toshiba EP30 HD DVD Player

Following on from the EP35 region free mod, those clever guys have worked out a way of making the EP30 region free for DVD also (remember that HD DVD was always region free, this is for DVD playback only).

It’s a lot more complex than the EP35 mod unfortunately and a “dirty hack” as they put it. Be warned, you could brick your player, so only proceed if you feel happy with a dirty hack and the risks involved. Hopefully an easier mod will pop up later.

Details here:

  • Skar


    I was acutally looking for the 4.0 firmware for this player, but on the page, I can only see the documents/manuals

  • You should be able to get the v4 firmware following the instructions here,…..

    If you just want plain v4 firmware (without the region free DVD mod) you can ask Toshiba themselves to send you a disc. Alternatively, hook up the player via Ethernet to get it onto the Internet and update it that way.

    The avforums links however also include details on doing the region free DVD mod. These should let you upgrade to v4 firmware once the mod has been done. That's what I did with the EP35, though it was an easier process with the EP35.

  • I could really use the DVD player and i am sure someone in the family would like the DVD.