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Paths of Glory comes to Criterion and on Blu Ray

Only just spotted this, but the fantastic Kubrick flick Paths of Glory has had a new release by Criterion including on Blu Ray.

Looks like not only is it in the original 1.66:1 ratio and a spanking new transfer (hopefully respectfully treated by Criterion which would a refreshing change from the glossy noise reduction transfers of big name studios when they do Blu Ray releases), but also has a number of interesting extras including a TV interview with Douglas and a new interview with Jan Harlan, James B. Harris and Christiane Kubrick. Not to mention a commentary on top. A big improvement on the non-existent extras on the old DVD.

Sadly Criterion are US only and yes the Blu Ray is locked to Region A, so if you’re importing you’ll need a Region A player or a multi-region player (just make sure it’s Blu Ray multi-region, not just DVD multi-region as some are the latter only). PS3 owners are stuck unless you’ve got a suitable hacked player.

Some reviews:



P.S. Also available on Criterion DVD. Noting again that it’s a US import. Not sure if it’s locked but likely it will be Region 1. Thankfully there are a lot more multi-region DVD players about outside of the US.

Channel 4 recreates Kubrick’s The Shining

Channel 4 recreates Kubrick’s The Shining… or at least has produced a short promotional piece using look-a-like actors and crew in 70s dress, with a one-shot walk through around the sets of The Shining from Stanley’s point of view.

This piece serves to promote More 4’s Kubrick season starting on 15th of July, and will be shown in the next few weeks across Channel 4 and More 4 in the UK.

More here including a web version of the clip: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2008/jul/03/channel4.kubrick?gusrc=rss&feed=uknews