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Local Surrey filming updates

Been a while, again not been updating much, but as was posting odd bits of filming stuff going on, a couple of updates.

Another local mountain bike haunt used for filming, this time over in the Surrey Hills. Car park at the top of Pitch Hill is being used as a base, and over by Jelly’s Hollow there’s a load of track down for vehicles and they’ve been doing a fair bit of digging and clearance in some of the nearby land.


Not sure who it is, the usual signs are just ‘BASE’ and ‘LOC’ so no hint of the company, but someone spoke to the guys there and they claimed it was to do with Disney.

Meanwhile over Farnham way in the popular filming spot of Bourne Woods there’s apparently more filming going on for the Snow White and The Huntsman sequel.

Colin Firth has been busy filming stuff around Chobham also in a film about Donald Crowhurst.

An interesting one to me as that involves Teignmouth down where I grew up and where I went to school (and they’ve been filming bits of it there also

Harry Potter Places

Just a promote for those Potter fans out there or in your life.

Harry Potter Places

A series of PDF guidebooks for fans available for a modest price that describe in detail the locations used to shoot the Potter films.

As some may know I frequent Swinley a fair bit for mountain biking and got to see some goings on there for the films, hence a few posts here about it. Result has been I was asked to provide some assistance with some local information and a photo to the author of these books and the third book has some detail on Swinley (or actually as a supplement in more detail as for people looking to check out locations it’s going to be near impossible to identify the locations unless you know the place and saw where they shot the stuff, like me).

Reading through, as a local one thing I didn’t know is very nearby to Swinley is Harry’s house (round by Martins Heron), or at least the original one. The locals asked too much to film there after that so Warner built a replica of the street on the studio backlot!

A little credit in there too. Woohoo, name in print! of sorts :). A thanks to Chas for producing these books and the impressive efforts gone into to researching it.

More filming in or near Swinley? + Surrey Hills?

Location signs up on the roads approaching Swinley recently, saying (I think) ‘DBL‘.

Haven’t seen any in Swinley or pointing into the estate, but at least directs down Nine Mile Ride towards The Look Out.

Also, the other week, there was a sign on the junction of Shere Road where the A25 turns right up the hill towards Newlands Corner that simply said ‘BASE‘, pointing towards the hills. A typical base camp sign for a location. Didn’t have time to check it out.

Update: Not sure if it’s related but further into the hills on the back roads towards Peaslake are signs up saying ‘MAYDAY‘.

This I assume –

Green screen in Aldershot

Another shot of the green screen in Aldershot for this WWZ (we think) film, aka HCZ.

That was as it was going up, and now it’s all coming down again.

Local news been digging into the comments round here, on twitter and so on 🙂

Google film locations

Looking up the location of the Aldershot film location, Google has this capture from what must have been a previous set up.

And then as a frequent haunt of mine, checking out Google’s view on Swinley and seems it caught not only a plane going over but also the green screen stuff that was being built there during the Harry Potter filming back in 2009.