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Green screen in Aldershot

Another shot of the green screen in Aldershot for this WWZ (we think) film, aka HCZ.

That was as it was going up, and now it’s all coming down again.

Local news been digging into the comments round here, on twitter and so on 🙂 http://www.gethampshire.co.uk/news/s/2098986_brad_pitt_goes_from_hollywood_to_heron_wood

Yet more filming in Aldershot

Again, not looking for these, it’s just I drive past these places and the route home takes me past a now common spot for filming in Aldershot. This time lots of scaffolding put up, some sort of wooden structure being built and they’ve now put screening up to hide it from the road.

Place was used in the past for a Bond film apparently and other things I’m not sure about.

This time the signs up are for HCZ Unit. HCZ = Film company? Or code name for the film (or TV show)?

Haven’t got a photo myself, but @herodian has a couple



Edit – suggestion is Prometheus. Ridley’s Alien flick.

Further edit – Seems now it’s World War Z (makes sense, HCZ = working title Holocaust Zombie ?)