Okay, this blog is one to place my ramblings about films, DVDs, technology and whatever. As an aside from my other blog, which is more about photography and mountain biking. As a Kubrick fan I have named it See You Next Wednesday, thanks to John Landis (and Stanley Kubrick in part) for the following reasons:


“See You Next Wednesday!” features in many John Landis films as a kind of a trademark. Featured in different ways hidden in the background of his films, it is believed to have come from a particular line in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey where Frank Pool’s parents are giving him a birthday greeting and sign off with the line “See You Next Wednesday!”. It is also apparently the name of Landis’s first screenplay.

Wikipedia entry on “See You Next Wednesday”

2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey [1968] [buy this] – From IMDB: The trademark trivia often mentioned in Landis directed films, the inclusion in some form of the phrase “See you next Wednesday” is a reference to a line in the Stanley Kubrick film ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ where astronaut Frank Poole watches a video sent to him by his wife and father on the occasion of his birthday. At the end of the video his wife says, “See you next Wednesday!” an obvious reference to their next available time to transmit a message to the distant space craft bound for Jupiter, though since Frank is killed within the next day or two by HAL, it is perhaps meant as an ironic trademark since it seems to occur in Landis films when characters are in great danger.


Landis Films…

Schlock [1973] – promoted twice during the newscasts for the “movie at 6 on 6”, on a poster outside the movie theatre, and on a poster in the theatre lobby.



The Kentucky Fried Movie [1977] – the title of the “Feel-a-Rama” movie.

Kentucky Fried Movie

The Blues Brothers [1980] [buy this] – the message on the billboard that the cops were hiding behind.

The Blues Brothers

An American Werewolf in London [1981] [buy this] – the porno film showing when David meets Jack and his zombie friends. A poster for the film appears in the London Underground when the man is killed.

An American Werewolf in London

An American Werewolf in London

Twighlight Zone: The Movie [1983] – spoken in German when Bill is being shot at on the building.

Trading Places [1983] [buy this] – on a poster in Ophelia’s apartment.

Trading Places

Thriller [1983] (Michael Jackson video) – Spoken by someone in the movie that Michael and Ola are watching. It’s written in blood on a wall.

Into The Night [1984] [buy this] – appears on two posters in the office where Ed and Diana make the phone call.

Into The Night

Spies Like Us [1985] – on the recruitment poster behind the desk of the commander of the army training post.

Coming To America [1988] [buy this] – on a movie poster in the subway station (the movie claims to star Jamie Lee Curtis, who appeared in Landis’
Trading Places (1983)

Coming To America

Dream On [1990] – First episode “The First One,” directed by John Landis, Martin (Brian Benben) says to his maid (Marianne Muellerleile), “See you next Thursday”, she corrects him saying, “Wednesday”.

Innocent Blood [1992] – advertised on the marquee across the street from the Melody Lounge exotic dance bar. The car crash at the Shadyside gas station scene was filmed in Squirrel Hill, and the nearby multiplex cinema changed its marquee to be “See You Next Wednesday” every night after closing. The movie itself featured no footage of that theatre (or the street on which it resides), although it is possible that it was edited out.

The Stupids [1996] – On the back of the bus that the kids chain their bikes to.

Family (Masters of Horror Episode) [2006] – Spoken by a cartoon character on TV.

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