Yet more filming in Aldershot

Again, not looking for these, it’s just I drive past these places and the route home takes me past a now common spot for filming in Aldershot. This time lots of scaffolding put up, some sort of wooden structure being built and they’ve now put screening up to hide it from the road.

Place was used in the past for a Bond film apparently and other things I’m not sure about.

This time the signs up are for HCZ Unit. HCZ = Film company? Or code name for the film (or TV show)?

Haven’t got a photo myself, but @herodian has a couple

Edit – suggestion is Prometheus. Ridley’s Alien flick.

Further edit – Seems now it’s World War Z (makes sense, HCZ = working title Holocaust Zombie ?)

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  • Rae

    The same signs are being used for the bases surrounding Falmouth in Cornwall, where Brad Pitt is currently filming World War Z. I don’t know what HCZ stands for and it is bugging me too!

  • Nickmcuk

    Alos up at the Bourne Woods too….the Marquees in the adjacent field were being erected this weekend.

  • Djhombre

    The letters rarely directly correlate to the movie title, often just a working title or code so not so obvious. HCZ maybe Holocaust Zombie? With the latest Robin Hood film, the signs were MMF (Maid Marion Film?) although some are obvious, like JTGK (Jack The Giant Killer) and SH2 (Sherlock Holmes 2).

  • Ian H

    confirmed HCZ is WWZ. Bourne Woods was either Jack the Giant Killer or the new Johnny Depp film Dark Shadows as both were filming up there recently.

  • Tim

    Saw an American police car driving towards that place the other day, old style 70s/80s police car. Might have been coincidence.

    Some of the stuff within the big scaffolding has green paint now, so green screen bits. Heard that WWZ is doing key filming in Glasgow.

  • Barnabybutton

    gullivers travel was filmed here in the shot as was james bond with daniel craig and another one wkith pierce brosnan. this movie due to be filmed is something with brad pitt so weve been told and also been told its something to do with zombies.

  • Steve_schmitzgroup

    Yes film is about to take place in Aldershot as i deliver to the film set each day security is very high…

  • Thomas_Hyam

    Its for Marc Fosters new film ‘World War Z’

  • Tim

    The thing is huge now. It’s like a big box with massive green screen walls inside.

    Also, some more HCZ signs have gone up pointing to other locations now. There’s an HCZ Base, HCZ Loc (and I think I read Loc 2 also) and HCZ Cars. Went past them quick so didn’t have time to take them in. Haven’t followed the signs to see where they are.

    I wonder, if they’re after some bleak post holocaust urban centre, both Aldershot and Farnborough fit the bill! 🙂

  • Matt

    They are now filming at IQ in Farnborough, the same place they filmed X men first class. The Panalux trucks are there etc. I think they are still in setup mode. This is HCZ LOC 2!
    I am glad there are more movie location geeks out there!

  • Roger

    The food wagons were down behind the tag terminals this evening

  • Paulcc

    Not sure what HCZ stands for, but the film is Zomble wars with Brad PItt, as well as filming in Aldeshot also filmed in Falmouth and Glasgow. And i think there filming at IQ Farnborough

  • Paulcc

    ops meant World War Z not Zombie wars

  • Bailieysnice

    hi i work at the ACFH and have been watching it all being errected. Growing taller by the day, now all the vehicles are there, big trailers and winibagos are ther… so exciting… who is there? what film is it? i feel like having a lunchtime walk and seeing how far I get… shall I? i will do it tomorrow…let you know more

  • Matt

    I just went with my wife to the Aldershot location and the security guard told my wife that the stars are there filming today although he personally has not seen them as security is really tight! It helps to have a hot wife! 

  • Tim

    All coming down now. Can see the internal green screen really well. Seems it was just a big box of green. Quite why they needed something so big I don’t know as I’d assume most stuff can all be done in computer against any old green screen, but this obviously needed a lot of space.

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