Paths of Glory comes to Criterion and on Blu Ray

Only just spotted this, but the fantastic Kubrick flick Paths of Glory has had a new release by Criterion including on Blu Ray.

Looks like not only is it in the original 1.66:1 ratio and a spanking new transfer (hopefully respectfully treated by Criterion which would a refreshing change from the glossy noise reduction transfers of big name studios when they do Blu Ray releases), but also has a number of interesting extras including a TV interview with Douglas and a new interview with Jan Harlan, James B. Harris and Christiane Kubrick. Not to mention a commentary on top. A big improvement on the non-existent extras on the old DVD.

Sadly Criterion are US only and yes the Blu Ray is locked to Region A, so if you’re importing you’ll need a Region A player or a multi-region player (just make sure it’s Blu Ray multi-region, not just DVD multi-region as some are the latter only). PS3 owners are stuck unless you’ve got a suitable hacked player.

Some reviews:

P.S. Also available on Criterion DVD. Noting again that it’s a US import. Not sure if it’s locked but likely it will be Region 1. Thankfully there are a lot more multi-region DVD players about outside of the US.