Trawling the Kubrick video web

Update: Lost the links to most of these and they were flash video as well which is now slowly dying (thankfully). If I can work out what they were and find them again, I’ll update them.

Trawling around for all things Kubrick on the now trendy video web (of YouTube and similar fame) here are a few things of interest I’ve dug up.

The first is another Lego classic. There are many Lego spoofs about and I was looking for one I saw a while a go but found this instead (sorry for any adverts that may occur)

Then I found the one I was looking for anyway…

and along the way I came across this clip of Kubrick accepting a DWG award during the making of Eyes Wide Shut before his death…

And finally this news article about an 80s audition video for Full Metal Jacket that’s been doing the rounds on the web and the subsequent tracking down of the guy who made it.