More filming

Back in June I spotted some filming going on towards the edge of Aldershot on some of the Army land, with green screens and ‘G LOC’ signs about (wonder which film unit is ‘G’?).

Anyway, they cleared off a while back but driving home today past the place a new unit has set up. I missed what the signs say, but the place has a big sheet of blue screen this time and I thought I saw a bunch of people in Army dress this morning where they were setting up lighting. Then again, it’s Army land anyway.

Apparently they did some filming for one of the recent Bond films there a few years back. Seems to have become a popular filming spot. It’s just a big scrap of unused parade ground basically.

If there’s anything interesting going on I’ll try and get a photo.

And then going on towards home I go past Pirbright and dotted around the area are some ‘P&M LOC’ signs for more filming. Looks like there’s a film crew bus by the cricket green in Pirbright itself. There’s some also by a big house/estate nearby where I know they’ve done filming before.

Wonder who P&M are though?